The Property Beat Moves to KLOK 1170 AM

The Property Beat has enjoyed 9 months on KEST 1450 AM, a local San Francisco Station, but the time has come to move up! As of March 5th, The Property Beat will air on KLOK 1170 AM, a 50K watt station out of San Jose that can be heard from San Luis Obispo to Napa. The show can be heard live on Wednesday mornings at 10-11 am. You can listen live or via streaming broadcast. You’ll also see some changes coming for The Property Beat this year, as we bring our educational programs to you. Lot’s going on around here, so Stay Tuned!

The Property Beat continues to be sponsored by Lion & Foster International, Inc., an international luxury lifestyle agency in the SF Bay area and now The Perotti Group, a real estate investment company. All hail the sponsors!(for which we’re eternally grateful).

Cliff Perotti

Producer and Host of our radio show. Cliff is a 30 year real estate veteran with experience in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate. He is the CEO/Managing Broker of Lion & Foster International, Inc., an international real estate investment and consulting firm. Cliff works with real estate brokers, developers, agents and investors alike. Simply put, he is a real estate aficionado.